12th August 2017

KLAW launches the lightest and most compact Marine Breakaway Coupling in the market

Marine2 replaces the previous KLAW Marine Breakaway Coupling which is the industry standard for flexible hose offshore transfers.

The KLAW Marine2 is 32% shorter and 25% lighter than any alternative Marine Breakaway Coupling and is designed to reduce fatigue on the Hose Reel – an increasingly common practice in the offshore industry.

The Marine2 also contains the KLAW Easy Reset Facility which allows the Coupling to be serviced or reset after activation without the need for removal from the line.

The Marine2 is another example of the extensive Research and Development and New Product Development investment programmes currently being undertaken by Signum and reinforces KLAW as the world-leading supplier of Marine Breakaway Couplings.

Shown: KLAW Marine2 Marine Breakaway Coupling.