30th October 2017

SILSIS confirms first full year of successful operation in Montego Bay

KLAW LNG SILSIS has just completed its first full year of frequent LNG transfer operation by delivering an impeccable performance record.

SILSIS is the world’s first fully automated, PLC controlled, Safety Instrumented System specifically designed for the control of Emergency Release Systems used in flexible hose transfer operations.

The system was commissioned at the Micro LNG Terminal at Montego Bay, Jamaica in October 2016 and has since been operational with frequent Ship-to-Shore flexible hose transfers of LNG for the JPS Bogue Power Station.

SILSIS provides continuing system diagnostics (both before and during transfer) along with monitoring of operations, complete control over EDS1 and ESD2 and black box records of transfer data.

SILSIS ensures the transfer operation is always maintained at SIL2, is highly Available and in a “ready for transfer” condition.

Shown: Shore-side perspective of the Micro LNG Terminal in Montego Bay.