Gall Thomson

Protecting operations, reputations and the environment

Gall Thomson retains its market dominating position by constantly evolving and developing its product and service offerings; designs based on the proven technology of over 40 years of in-field experience.

In 2017, there were 11 known activations of Gall Thomson MBCs, protecting 8 countries from the consequences of major oil spills. Every MBC performed exactly as expected.

Innovation based on proven technology

Gall Thomson recently launched its market-leading Petal17 marine breakaway coupling – an evolution of design based on its already market dominating Petal design. A product that already offered unbeatable advantages to operators around the world is now providing even greater operational efficiencies.

An unmatched global service and support footprint

Gall Thomson MBC4 offers four flexible service options to operators. This comprehensive and unique range of services has been designed to precisely meet the demands of operators and is the only one of its kind in the sector. Gall Thomson has nine Approved Service Centres strategically placed around the world – each offering valuable in-country support to operators.