KLAW LNG – always at the forefront of innovation

It was a KLAW system used for the first ever commercial LNG transfer back in 2004. The KLAW LNG new product development programme has since continued to deliver leading technical and commercial solutions to the full range of ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore transfer applications.

Confirming the future of LNG energy transportation around the globe

KLAW LNG is at the forefront of SIL2 compliance; a design, manufacture, application and product life-cycle standard that is beyond the reach of other companies but crucial in creating and maintaining confidence in this growing sector. A sector that is considered by many to be the future of energy around the world.

Recent exciting product innovations from KLAW LNG will greatly reduce hose transfer time for operators. An example of this is the new CryoCL flange connector which is now in operation and proving to deliver greatly improved transfer efficiencies for operators.

Enabling Small Islands with LNG energy

The KLAW LNG SILSIS ship-to-shore transfer system began operations in Montego Bay Jamaica in 2016. This first SIL2 compliant transfer and safety system has since been frequently transferring LNG safely and efficiently. This early penetration by KLAW LNG into the Small Island market confirms the immense potential for KLAW LNG in this sector.

The potential for LNG ship-fuelling

KLAW LNG is the only company offering a full range of commercially scalable systems to the bunkering sector. This is a strong proposition for operators seeking to minimise commercial and operational risk but at the same time be reactive to potential growth. Given recent and evolving regulations, this growing sector offers huge potential for KLAW LNG.

Another first for KLAW LNG came in 2016 when Engie Energy along with its partners conducted the first large vessel LNG fuelling. The transfer in Rotterdam was conducted using a KLAW LNG hose transfer and safety system specifically designed for this scale of fuelling operation.


KLAW LNG is unmatched in the quality, range and global coverage of its service and maintenance offering. KLAW LNG transfer systems are designed to enable efficient servicing and testing within the stringent requirements of standards and compliance. The global reach, convenience and reliable quality provided by the KLAW LNG Aftermarket product again provides immense potential in this growing sector.

The KLAW LNG SILSIS product offers a new standard in SIL2 transfer customer support with its remote access capability and training facility at the KLAW Technology Centre in Westbury.