KLAW offers a comprehensive range of safety critical and efficient transfer solutions for oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and industrial gasses sectors. Applications include ambient and cryogenic media for both onshore and offshore operations.

KLAW has always been at the forefront of delivering technical advantage to operators. The following are just a few examples of the KLAW world-beating range.

The Marine2 is the shortest and lightest marine breakaway coupling in the world – delivering unrivalled operational advantage in handling, servicing and reel applications.

The KLAW Reset Facility is fitted on all KLAW breakaway couplings and enables couplings to be serviced and reset within the line. This provides incredible advantages to operators.

The wide range of KLAW Emergency Release Couplings and systems minimises risk to assets and personnel from the consequences of unintentional drive-off by trucks or railcars for on-shore applications and projects against ship drift for offshore applications.

Other product innovations include the CryoDC: the first cryogenic quick connect in the world, and KLAWZERO; an incredible piece of engineering that delivers uninterrupted flow.