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Gall Thomson acquires AVALON technology

Gall Thomson Environmental Limited (“GTE”), a leading company within the Signum Technology Limited group (“Signum”) has acquired the intellectual property rights of Avalon Engineering Solutions Limited (“Avalon”).

The intellectual property rights acquired centre on the innovative release-on-command fastener systems developed by

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Gall Thomson launches the first locking Camlock

The Gall Thomson Camlock-R is up to 50 times faster than traditional flange connections and much safer than traditional nut and bolt methods.

The unique and fully sealed ratchet mechanism and lockable cams deliver major benefits to operations requiring fast and

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KLAW LNG delivers SIL2 compliance guidance at 3rd International LNG Congress

An important presentation regarding SIL2 compliance when commissioning and managing LNG flexible hose transfer systems was presented by KLAW LNG at the recent 3rd International LNG Congress in Barcelona on 16 October 2017.

KLAW LNG has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing

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SILSIS confirms first full year of successful operation in Montego Bay

KLAW LNG SILSIS has just completed its first full year of frequent LNG transfer operation by delivering an impeccable performance record.

SILSIS is the world’s first fully automated, PLC controlled, Safety Instrumented System specifically designed for the control of Emergency Release

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Gall Thomson presents Petal17 at SLOM Colombia 2017

Gall Thomson appeared at the SLOM Monobuoy conference in Columbia and delivered a detailed presentation on the features and benefits of the new Petal17 Marine Breakaway Coupling.

The Sociedad Latinoamericana de Operadores de Terminales Maritimo Petroleros y Monoboyas (SLOM) is an

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KLAW launches cryogenic Connect Disconnect Coupling

The KLAW CryoDC is a major step forward in the connection and disconnection of cryogenic transfer lines.

The CryoDC is much faster, more reliable and safer than traditional flange connections and CGA fittings.

Typical applications include bunkering, tank storage, ISO tanks, railcars,

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