The Signum Technology family is made up of great people who share a passion for innovation, meeting technical challenges and developing solutions to increasingly evolving customer needs.

Below is a summary of the people who help steer Signum and are involved in the process of Signum acquisitions and investment.

Catherine Wall – Chairman

Has significant experience of guiding businesses through periods of rapid change and development

Chris Braithwaite – Non-Executive Director

Formerly Chief Operating Officer of Wellstream Holdings plc

Executive Team

David Hill – CEO

Formerly Vice President OEM and Projects division of John Crane.

“Signum Technology continues to expand the range of flow control products, particularly for LNG, and to improve our aftermarket coverage.”

Chris Wilks – CFO

Formerly Finance Director of Sondex plc

“I have a great personal interest and enthusiasm for the in-house development of products which enable a more efficient, safer industry. I believe that the success we are creating in Signum is infectious. As other businesses join the family they too will gain energy from the determination to turn business innovation into class leading financial performance.”

Jeff Vile – Sales and Compliance Director

Formerly Divisional Sales Director of Weir Group plc

“We are building a group of companies committed to the protection of people, property and the environment; a group that not only meets government legislation and expectations but adheres to a transparent and trusted code of business practice.”

Martin Walker – Business Development Director

Formerly Global Business Development Director of Trelleborg

“Developing sound relationships in a global business environment remains key to any long term business success. With an ever increasing footprint, the Signum ethos is allowing the business to react and grow according to ever changing circumstances.”

Tony Webber – Technical Director

Group Technical Director and Founder of KLAW

“Signum Technology has been formed on a solid foundation of integrity and innovation. Two attributes that I believe are critical to any business success, and that will help the Group to flourish going forward.”