A family of innovative companies

Signum Technology has been building a family of quality businesses through a “buy and build” acquisition strategy by working with companies that will benefit from the vision, investment and talent available at Signum.

Intelligent investment

The Signum objective has been to enable good businesses to realise their potential. Current businesses within the Signum family are already benefiting from an accelerated and intelligent investment programme that is enhances market-leading innovation and solutions.

Realising the vision

The investment strategy of Signum Technology has been both ambitious and exciting and strategically in tune with its mission to develop a group of businesses that not only complement each other but when taken together, provide a formidable proposition in the safety and critical service flow control sector.

The investment by Signum so far, clearly illustrates the Group’s intentions and its ability to tactically take advantage of key technological areas in the oil and gas industries.

Gall Thomson, KLAW, Vee Bee and KLAW LNG are companies that are well-known in their sectors for reliable technology and each are constantly delivering innovation that provide tangible benefits to customers. The businesses produce market-leading safety critical products designed to protect operations, people, equipment, reputations and the environment. Such effective and efficient safety systems are particularly reassuring to investors, insurance companies, underwriters and environmental groups.

Realising potential

Since Gall Thomson and KLAW became part of Signum, considerable investment has been made into the design and manufacturing processes, product development and project management.

The investment in business development teams has also enabled the businesses to penetrate markets and enable end-users to benefit from the innovations within the product range.